Meeting – 02 March 2023

We were treated to a wonderful bonanza of Scottish wildlife photographs and video during an entertaining talk by professional photographer Gordon Rae.

Opening with a terrific intimate video of otters hunting and playing, he went on to show photographs taken during his early days mastering the craft, sharing how he was inspired by the wildlife in and around his own farm.

It was clear that his immersion in a natural environment through his farming career honed his field-craft and the results that we saw were truly wonderful.

From here, he drew on ventures across the length and breadth of Scotland in search of both iconic wildlife as well as lesser known mammals and birds, also offering great photographic opportunities.

It was a very interactive talk and Gordon kindly shared many useful tips for technique, as well as hot spots to find certain species at their most photogenic during the calendar year.

A big thanks to Gordon for his candour and humour and for sharing his magnificent collection of images with us.

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