Meeting – 30 March 2023

In a change to our original programme, we welcomed speaker Mike Caithness to the club.

He gave members a talk on ‘The Artitecture of Valencia’. Yes you read it right!….Artitecture. He shared images from two trips to Valencia. 

The first half of the evening included some marvellous shots of the stunning modern architecture. It was interesting to see the futuristic buildings at different times of day too, with the evening shots particularly eye-catching due to the beautiful reflections in the surrounding water.

In the second half, he presented images of the numerous and wide ranging variety of street art. So imaginative, skilled and colourful…and Mike managed to show them through his own eyes through his careful choice of composition.

We all had an enjoyable night on what was the last of this season before our AGM, and I think it’s fair to say there were many of us keen to make a trip to Valencia ourselves.

If you haven’t been already, look it up!

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