NBPS - Programme

Programme 2024/2025

  • 5 September – Opening night – cheese and wine. Bring along digital images from your holiday.
  • 19 September – ‘Project-driven Photography’ – talk by Charles Everitt. Charles’ talk is about moving from a documentary style of photography to a more abstract and creative one.  His photography is all based around nature – flowers, wildlife, natural abstract patterns and landscape – and driven by projects mainly in or near to Edinburgh.
  • 3 October – Assignment – topic is ’Telephony and road infrastructure ‘. How can you make these interesting, instead of mundane objects which are more often than not cloned out of your final image? Try approaching the challenge from a different angle and perspective – Members’ discussion.          
  • 17 October – ‘Chairman’s Challenge’ internal Competition – topic is ‘People‘ –  Judge Eddie Telford.
  • 31 OctoberAssignment – topic is ‘Wildlife’ – Judge Gordon Rae.
  • 14 November – Members’ Edit night. Edit your photos from this season so far, following critique from judges and other members. Show us your before and after- was it improved?-  Members’ discussion.
  • Thursday 21 November – AWAY – Interclub MAI competition with Musselburgh CC
  • 28 November – Interclub MAI competition with Haddington CC TBC – Judge Stephen Ball.
  • 12 December – ‘PechaKucha nightthat’s pronounced ”petcha-kootcha

So, what is it? Well, it’s a simple presentation format where you create a slideshow comprising 20 images with each image being displayed for only 20 seconds. The images advance automatically and the objective is that you have those 20 seconds to describe the image and why you have chosen it.

New members may wish to use this event to introduce themselves through their images.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

  • 16 January – ‘Interesting Stuff ’ – Zoom talk by Justin Minns.

A quest to find interesting subjects to photograph is one of the things that keeps Justin motivated, the question is what make an interesting photograph, the subject or the photographer?

  • 30 January – ‘Painting with Light’ – workshop with Rob Rogers and Val Stuart.
  • 13 February – ‘Passion for Wildlife’ – Zoom talk by Kevin Pigney.

Kevin will share some of his favourite images but more importantly share the story behind them including locations, camera settings, how he set up a project, fieldcraft etc.

  • 27 February – Assignment – topic is ‘Macro’ – Prints ONLY – Members’ choice judging.
  • 13 March – 3-way Interclub MAI competition with Midlothian CC and Livingston CC – Judge Gordon Scott.
  • 27 March – ‘Image of the Year Award’– internal competition. Open topic – Judge TBC .
  • 10 April AGM