Meeting – 16 February 2023

One of our own club committee members, Alastair White, gave us a talk entitled “Restoring the Past”.

Alastair drew on his transformation of a collection of historical photographs primarily from a major project he had undertaken to commemorate the supporters and participants in one of several US flying training camps established during WW2.

It was mesmerising to watch the whole transformative process, from using a lightbox to take a digital photograph of the original black and white image to deploying AI based tools available in Photoshop to “colourise” the digitised image, bringing it to life with incredible accuracy.

Moreover, we got a very interesting history lesson on how many famous Hollywood stars played a major role in financing the training of American WW2 aviators.

It was a superb demonstration and we all thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

As well as for his talk, a big thanks also goes to Alastair for kindly bringing along some used camera equipment for sale with all proceeds going to club funds.

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